Quality Mobile Massage Services in Palm Beach County

We are a  professional mobile Massage Therapy management company serving all of Palm Beach County

Swedish Massage

This is a full body massage for relaxation by providing light to medium
pressure. It improves blood and lymph circulation. Additionally, this
massage helps relieve stress and chronic pain.

60 / 90 MINUTES

$ 100.00 / 115.00

Deep Tissue Massage

This massage is for clients who prefer medium to heavy pressure. It provides relief from muscle tension, chronic aches and pains, and also loosens scar tissue.

60 / 90 MINUTES

$ 115.00 / 125.00

Stress Relief Massage

This is a 30 minute stress massage with light to medium pressure. It focuses on the back, neck, and rear shoulders. Clients may extend this service to 45 minutes and include their chest, anterior shoulders, and arms.

30 / 45 MINUTES

$ 65 / 75

Legs Plus Massage

This is a massage with light to medium pressure. It’s primary goal is to relax tight muscles of the leg, thigh, and gluteal region. This massage also incorporates the lower back and feet.


$ 75